• Biennial warranty or warranty of good working

The duration of the biennial warranty is 2 years following receipt of the work. This warranty requires the builder to repair or replace any defective equipment. This covers all equipment that can be disassembled (e.g. hot water tank, air conditioner, fan) without damaging the building.

  • Ten-year Guarantee

The seller is liable for hidden defects for ten years from receipt of the work. Architects, contractors and other persons bound to the project owner (by a work contract) are themselves liable (in application of articles 1792). This warranty applies to all elements of the structure, foundation, framework, enclosure and roofing, and to any item of equipment that is inseparably linked to one of the aforementioned elements (e.g. screed), and if the damage affects the solidity of the structure or renders it unfit for its intended use.
Articles 1646-1 and 1792 of the Mauritian Civil Code.