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Questions Related to Legal

The Property Development Scheme (PDS), which has replaced the IRS and RES, allows the development of a mix of residences for sale to non-citizens, citizens and members of the Mauritian Diaspora. The PDS also harmonizes the registration duty to a single rate of 5%.

The PDS provides the following:

The development of luxurious residential units on freehold land of an extent of at least 0.4220 hectare (1 arpent);

  • The development of at least six (6) residential properties of high standing;
  • High quality public spaces that help promote social interaction and a sense of community;
  • High-class leisure, commercial amenities and facilities intended to enhance the residential units;
  • Day-to-day management services to residents including security, maintenance, gardening, solid waste disposal and household services;
  • Social contribution in terms of social amenities, community development and other facilities for the benefit of the community.

Any one of the following are eligible to acquire property under the scheme:

  • A citizen of Mauritius;
  • A non-citizen of Mauritius;
  • A company registered as a foreign company under the Companies Act (of Mauritius) 2001;
  • A company incorporated under the Companies Act 2001;
  • A societe, where its deed of formation is deposited with the Registrar of Companies;
  • A trust, where the trusteeship services are provided by a qualified trustee licensed by the Financial Services.

A non-citizen is eligible for a residence permit upon the purchase of a property under the PDS scheme when he/she has invested more than USD 375,000 or its equivalent in any freely convertible foreign currency. Most of the units fall within this price range.

Compagnie de Beau Vallon Limitée is a reputable property developer with a dozen residential projects successfully completed since 2003, located in Mahebourg, Beau Vallon and Pointe d’Esny.

The origins of Compagnie de Beau Vallon Limitée are grounded in the history of sugar cane cultivation and milling in Mauritius. Drawing on an agricultural heritage dating back to the first half of the 19th century, our company was incorporated in 1921 and currently owns Riche-en-Eau, one of the largest sugar estates on the island with 3,500 hectares of land stretching from the south-east coast to Midlands. Compagnie de Beau Vallon Limitée is poised to continue this legacy while improving its resilience to a changing market place through diversification into key sectors such as non-sugar, agriculture, hospitality and property.

Your deposit will be held in an escrow account opened with a Mauritian registered financial institution or alternatively in the Notary’s trust account until the Deed of Sale is signed. Once the Deed of Sale is signed, the deposit is released to the Promoter as part of the selling price.


1er Etage, Immeuble LABAMA,

35, rue Sir William Newton, Port Louis

The acquisition of a unit off-plan or during construction of the project is governed by the provisions of a ‘vente en l’état futur d’achèvement’ (‘VEFA’), in accordance with the Mauritian Civil Code.

The Promoter provides the Purchaser with a guarantee of future completion (Garantie Future d’Achèvement, or GFA).

This GFA is issued by a registered financial institution in Mauritius and is a guarantee from the financial institution that the unit you have purchased will be completed and delivered to you in accordance with the project specifications and drawings.

The GFA is issued to you simultaneously with your signature of the Deed of Sale.

The selling price is payable in accordance with the schedule below and all the terms and conditions of the sale are detailed in the Contrat de Réservation Préliminaire (CRP).

Payment of the selling price tranches is dependent on the level of construction reached at the time of your purchase.

Payment of the sale price is generally payable in installments as follows:

  • 10% deposit payable within 15 days of signature of the letter of intent or CRP;
  • 15% upon signature of the Deed of Sale;
  • 10% at completion up of substructure to Ground Floor
  • 15% at completion up to First Floor Level
  • 20% at completion up to Second Floor Level
  • 15% at completion up to Roof Level
  • 10% at completion of construction works
  • 5% at handing over

The above percentages are upper limits (and can therefore be divided into smaller tranches) payable as works progress against progress certificates issued by the architect, quantity surveyor or principal agent.

Yes, banks are willing to finance up to 70% of your purchase.

  • Registration Duty (payable by the purchaser at the time of registration): 5% of selling price
  • Notary fees (please refer to price list)
  • Administrative costs
  • Fees charges by the client’s bank if any (to be borne directly by the client)

For as long as the non-citizen holds immovable property under the Property Development Scheme.

As per law, a buyer who invests more than $ 375,000 is eligible to apply for the residency (the authorization to stay in Mauritius as long as they wish but no citizenship and no Mauritian passport). The application is sent to the Prime Minister’s office who vets the application (or not) as per the documents (KYC) handed over. The residency is given to a married couple and kids less than 24 years old.

Non-citizens who obtain a residence permit under a real estate scheme such as the PDS do not need a work permit or occupancy permit to invest and work in Mauritius.

The law does not provide for a minimum number of days per year to stay in Mauritius under a Residence Permit. However, to be considered as a ‘resident’ for tax purposes, you should stay in Mauritius for a minimum of 183 days per calendar year.

A PRP is a permit that allows an eligible non-citizen to work and/or live in Mauritius for a period of 20 years, following which the permit must be renewed. Whereas by obtaining citizenship, the investor becomes a citizen of the country and is entitled to carry a Mauritian passport.

A person may apply for Citizenship by naturalization if one has lived ‘continuously’ in Mauritius for 5 years, however the application for this is highly discretionary.

The owner of the villa is allowed to resell his property with no minimum price requirement. There is no capital gains tax. However, a land transfer tax of 5% must be paid by the vendor and the new buyer pays a 5% registration duty. 

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Questions related ro Construction/Technical Specifications

Infrastructure works (Phase 1) are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2021.

20 to 24 months depending on the type of residential unit.

Phase 1A, which includes 102 serviced plots and 125 residential units, is already being commercialized:

Residential UnitsNumber
Villa Prestige7
Villa Tropicale9
Villa Authentique12
Duplex (Own Pool)10
Duplex (Common Pool)26
Apartments / Penthouse61

The units (apartment, penthouse, duplex, and Villa Authentique) are delivered with a fully equipped kitchen that meets European standards (with hob, oven, hood and microwave).

The Villa Prestige and the Villa Tropicale are delivered with a fully equipped kitchen that meets European standards (with hob, oven, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, microwave), a washing machine, and a dryer.

The units are delivered with a fully-equipped kitchen that meets European standards (with hob, oven, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, microwave), a washing machine, a dryer and all built-in cupboards for the Villa Prestige.

The units are delivered with built-in cupboards only. Furniture packs are available for purchase upon request through our Sales Team.

  • Duplex: 2 parking spaces per unit
  • Apartment: 2 parking spaces per unit
  • Villa Prestige: site-specific – garage and more than 2 parking spaces
  • Villa Authentique: 2 parking spaces per unit
  • Villa Tropicale: 2 parking spaces per unit
  • Serviced plot: site-specific design and location

Secure access (surveillance cameras/guardian) will be put in place for residential areas.

The entire residential site will be fenced (perimeter wall or fence depending on the location).

A boat yard will be built close by.

No pets are permitted in the apartment and duplex clusters. This is to ensure a comfortable living space for all persons residing at Pointe d’Esny Le Village.

  • Reception area (for rental management syndic)
  • Pre-primary and primary school
  • Sports centre
  • Shops
  • Office spaces
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Pedestrian zone around the ponds: a ‘green lung’ with walkways
  • Beach club
  • Apart hotel
  • Boat yard
  • Technical amenities:
    • Household garbage collection area
      • Collective antenna television system using fiber optics
      • Electricity via Central Electricity Board network
      • Drinking water provided through a pressurized network operated by the syndic
      • Wastewater disposal through a centralized wastewater treatment plant

There will be a generator that will provide power for the essential services.

A collective generator will provide power for the apartments and duplex clusters.

A generator will be provided for the Villa Prestige.

  • Defects Liability Period

This warranty covers all defects that were reported at the time of writing of the handing over minutes, as well as those reported in the month following the latter. Articles 1642-1 and 1648 paragraph 2 of the Mauritian Civil Code.

The Biennial Warranty (ou Garantie de Bon Fonctionnement) concerns all equipment elements (fan, air conditioning unit…) that appear to be malfunctioning. It is effective for two years as from the completion and handover of the building. Article 1646-1 of the Mauritian Civil Code.

  • Ten-year Guarantee

The seller is held responsible for hidden defects for a ten-year period as from delivery of the building.

  • Street lighting by LEDs or solar panels
  • Production of hot water via solar panels
  • Waste management system
  • Wastewater treatment plant and reuse of the treated water for irrigation purposes
  • Energy efficient air conditioner
  • Water saving taps

The owner of a residential property may rent his/her property through the PDS Company holding the PDS Certificate or a service provider appointed by the PDS Company to provide property management services.

Owners of a residential unit will have the opportunity to become a member of the Beach Club as from the delivery of their property.

Owners of a serviced plot will have the opportunity to become a member of the Beach Club as from the signature of the deed of sale.

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A Syndic management company will be appointed to represent the owners, and thereafter manage the common spaces and facilitate decisions taken by the Home Owners Association (HOA). This will be established by the developer during the first year of the project.

The following services will be provided by the syndic for the maintenance of the common areas:

  • Maintenance of the common green spaces,
  • Waste management,
  • Street cleaning and maintenance,
  • Wastewater treatment plant,
  • Maintenance of the water network and water storage tank,
  • Maintenance of the generator for common spaces and amenities,
  • Power grid maintenance,
  • On-site safety management,
  • Maintenance of fire safety equipment,
  • Maintenance of elevators (when applicable),
  • Pest control,
  • General repairs of common equipment and facilities,
  • Insurance in common spaces and facilities

First payment is due on delivery of the property. For more information, please contact our Sales Team.

The appointed syndic will be responsible for charging residents for all public services provided.

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