How do I obtain a Beach Club membership?

Owners of a residential unit will have the opportunity to become a member of the Beach Club as from the delivery of their property. Owners of a serviced plot will have the opportunity to become a member of the Beach Club as from the signature of the deed of sale.


Is there any eco/green feature on the estate?

Restoration plan and rainwater treatment system Installation of a main drainage system Rainwater recovery Natural ventilation Use of photovoltaic panels Low-lying tropical architecture, local and high-quality materials Low building density of the project Installation of a selective waste sorting and composting system Strict architectural and landscaping specifications


What is the construction warranty for the residential units?

Biennial warranty or warranty of good working The duration of the biennial warranty is 2 years following receipt of the work. This warranty requires the builder to repair or replace any defective equipment. This covers all equipment that can be disassembled (e.g. hot water tank, air conditioner, fan) without damaging the building. Ten-year Guarantee [...]


Will there be a generator?

A generator will provide electricity only for the essential common services in Pointe d’Esny Le Village. Apartments and duplexes plots will have their own common generators. An individual generator is included in the sale price of the Villa Prestige. A connection point will be provided for the Authentic and the Tropical Villas for owners [...]


What services and facilities are available to owners?

Reception area (for rental management syndic) Pre-primary and primary school Sports centre Shops Office spaces Restaurants and cafés Pedestrian zone around the ponds: a ‘green lung’ with walkways Beach Club Apart Hotel Technical amenities: Household garbage collection area Collective antenna television system using fiber optics Electricity via Central Electricity Board network Drinking water provided [...]


Are pets allowed?

No pets are permitted in the apartment and duplex clusters. This is to ensure a comfortable living space for all persons residing at Pointe d’Esny Le Village.