Does the developer guarantee permanent residency?

As per law, a buyer who invests more than USD 375,000 is eligible to apply for the residency (the authorization to stay in Mauritius as long as they wish but no citizenship and no Mauritian passport). The application is sent to the Prime Minister’s office who vets the application (or not) as per the [...]


How is the selling price payable?

The selling price is payable in accordance with the schedule below and all the terms and conditions of the sale are detailed in the Contrat de Réservation Préliminaire (CRP). Payment of the selling price tiers is dependent on the level of construction reached at the time of your purchase. Payment of the sale price [...]


If I purchase a unit off-plan, how is my purchase secured?

The acquisition of a unit off-plan or during construction of the project is governed by the provisions of a ‘vente en l’état futur d’achèvement’ (‘VEFA’), in accordance with the Mauritian Civil Code. The Promoter provides the Purchaser with a guarantee of future completion (Garantie Future d’Achèvement, or GFA). This GFA is issued by a [...]


Who is the promoter of Pointe d’Esny Le Village?

Beau Vallon Group is a renowned property developer with a dozen residential projects successfully completed in Mahébourg, Beau Vallon and Pointe d’Esny since 2003. Its origins are rooted in the history of sugar cane cultivation and milling in Mauritius. Based on an agricultural heritage dating back to the first half of the 19th century, [...]