Let’s go for a road trip in the South-east of Mauritius


Would you like to join in for a trip along the southeast coast of Mauritius during the holidays? On the menu: a great hike with beautiful scenery in the middle of nature, an immersion in an authentic village, snorkeling and a catch-up course on the history of the country!

Let’s start our road trip at the Pointe du Diable (Devil’s Peak) where a fort and a battery of guns have been sitting since 1750. These fortifications were built because the Passe de Bourgogne presented a risk: it could be an entry point for enemy ships. Legend says that the small peninsula was given its name because navigators’ compasses seemed to no longer work there, as if they were possessed by the devil!

Vieux Grand Port

We continue our journey towards Vieux Grand Port, the historic site where a famous naval battle took place in 1810 between the French and the British: it was the only French naval victory of the Napoleonic wars.
Close by, the Frederik Hendrik Museum gives us a glimpse into the history of the island, while the Lion Mountain, which offers magnificent 360 ° views of coral reefs and surrounding nature, will offer a beautiful climb to hikers.

La Vallée de Ferney

Situated within a stone’s throw, La Vallée de Ferney covers 200 hectares. This reserve is home to one of the island’s last natural sanctuaries and a wide variety of native species, many of which are rare or endangered. It’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature. Furthermore, you can actively contribute to the preservation of Mauritian biodiversity by making a one-time or monthly donation to La Vallée de Ferney, or by adopting a tree.


Stopping at the village of Mahébourg is mandatory. There, you can taste the famous “merveilles” (thin and crisp pancakes served with a “chatini pomme d’amour” and a tamarind sauce), learn more about Mauritius’ past at the Museum of Mahébourg, or discover the artisanal confection of cassava biscuits. A walk through this authentic and out of time village is a unique experience. And with a little luck, you might even have the opportunity to watch a pirogue regatta!

L’île aux Aigrettes

We continue our way towards Pointe d’Esny. Beyond the beautiful beach and transparent lagoon, we can see an islet: the île aux Aigrettes. It covers 67 acres and is made of coral limestone (while Mauritius is of volcanic origin). In 1965, the islet was declared a nature reserve and since then the forest has been preserved and rare species have been reintroduced. If you wish, you can take part in an eco-tour that offers a two-hour guided visit of the islet.

The Blue Bay Marine Park

Just minutes from Pointe d’Esny, the Blue Bay public beach has become famous thanks to its marine park. The Blue Bay Marine Park is listed as a Ramsar Site and as a National Heritage site. And, you can also take a shuttle bus to get to the beach. Once there, just put on your diving mask and your flippers and jump into the sea.

You can end your trip here (we won’t blame you) or you can go a bit further and end your trip by taking a deep breath of salty ocean air at the Souffleur, close to Savannah sugar estate.

Enjoy your road trip under the Mauritian sun!