The selling price is payable in accordance with the indicative schedule below and all the terms and conditions of the sale are detailed in the Contrat de Réservation préliminaire (CRP).
Payment of the selling price tranches is dependent on the level of construction reached at the time of your purchase.

Payment of the sale price is generally payable in installments as follows:

  • 10% deposit payable within 15 days of signature of the letter of intent or CRP;
  • 15% upon signature of the Deed of Sale;
  • 10% at completion of foundations
  • 15% at completion up to First Floor Level (ground floor slab)
  • 20% at completion up to Roof Level
  • 15% at completion of closure
  • 10% at practical completion5% at completion of external works and final handing Over

The above percentages are upper limits (and can therefore be divided into smaller tranches) payable as works progress against progress certificates issued by the architect, quantity surveyor or principal agent.